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About Raw Food

  • Whole and unprocessed
  • Never heated above 44°C
  • Abundant in life force energy – the energy of being
  • Access to a beautiful and healthy body and soul

Raw and living foods are whole and unprocessed, mostly organic or wild plant-based foods in their original un-heated state that still have their enzymes intact. Cooking and processing foods depletes some of the vital nutrients and enzymes making them more difficult for us to digest.

Living food may include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts, cultured foods such as fermented seed cheeses and sauerkraut, seaweeds, micro algae such as blue green algae, wheatgrass and barely grass. There are also some other foods that fall into this category, including low temperature dehydrated crackers, breads, cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, raw carob, raw cacao and goji berries. All these foods have not been heated above 44°C. They make optimal assimilation of nutrition easy, provide pure and clean energy for the body and do not require a lot of energy for digestion.

Living foods have the energy of life force which is the essence of energy. Life force is what activates chemical energy in our bodies. Life force can be called the electrical energy in our bodies that enables the mechanical energy of every action in our cells, tissues, bones and blood. Life force is the power that breathes life into everything that lives, it is not something we want to go through life low on.

The one thing everyone is after - a great looking, healthy appearance -this can be easily attained by increasing the flow of this key ingredient in the body. In a world constantly in search of the miracle food, there is simply nothing on this planet that is as good for you as Life Force Energy.